Onsen (hot springs)

Akayu Onsen, a hot spring with a 930-year history.
Relaxing hot spring water that can be entered at any time.

Open air bath

Both of the two large baths have an open-air bath attached to them. The baths have a quaint view of the garden.
Fresh greenery in spring and summer. In autumn, colored leaves and a slightly chilly breeze. In winter, enjoy the view of snow-covered Akayu Onsen while taking a hot spring bath. The baths offer completely different atmospheres during the day and at night.


The garden of the open-air bath “Genbu” tells us about the changing of the seasons.
Enjoy the rugged rock baths and think back to the samurai who once opened Akayu.


The cozy open-air bath “Suzaku” is a hot spring like a hideaway.
Soak slowly and enjoy the Akayu hot spring all to yourself.

For safety reasons, the open-air baths are closed from midnight to 6:00 a.m. during the winter.

Large public bath

Two large baths with completely different faces.
We hope you will enjoy these two hot springs, which were born from the owner’s desire to “let people enjoy hot springs in various ways.

Hours of operation: You may enter the baths at any time from check-in to check-out. (Cleaning: 10:00-15:00)


It is said that ancient Romans also loved to bathe, and the bathhouse was a place to talk.
This bath is inspired by the image of ancient Rome. Enjoy a romantic bath in a circular bathtub with a marble interior and a circle of conversation.


A large bath filled with the fragrance of hinoki cypress. The softness and warmth of the wood overflows.
Stretch your legs, relax your body, enjoy the soft Akayu hot water, the scent of Hinoki cypress, and the sound of running water.
Enjoy the bath with all five senses.

Family bath

We also have private family baths that can be enjoyed in private. We are proud of the spacious bathtub made of Japanese cypress.
Enjoy the hot spring to your heart’s content in a private space with your family, friends, or lovers. Enjoy the hot spring to your heart’s content in a private space.

Handrails are provided in the bathtub and washing area.
Elderly and physically challenged persons can use the bathtub with peace of mind. (Wheelchair-accessible).

The bathtub can be used for 45 minutes for 1,050 yen (tax included). Please apply for this service when making a reservation. (Reservations can also be made on the day of use.)

Hinoki bath in a hinoki room. A space full of fragrance.   Barrier-free design.

Akayu Onsen, a hot spring that has been in operation for 930 years

Akayu Hot Spring was discovered in 1093 by Kamo Jiro Yoshitsuna when he was leading his wounded soldiers. At the foot of Mt. Eboshi, hot spring water was gushing from the rocks, and when the soldiers bathed in the hot water, their wounds were healed instantly. The water turned bright red due to the blood, hence the name “Akayu” (red hot water). Later, it was used as a therapeutic bath by the Uesugi clan and prospered.

In the Edo period (1603-1867), this famous hot spring was once ranked as one of the best in the East in the Onsen Efficacy Ranking, and continues to heal the body and soul with its abundant supply of hot water.

Relaxing hot spring baths that can be entered at any time

Our hot spring baths are always open for you to enjoy. (Cleaning will be done after you check out.)

You can enjoy the hot spring right after you check-in, or after you have enjoyed a meal or a banquet.There are many ways to enjoy the spa.
We also completely change the men’s and women’s baths at 4:00 a.m., so you can enjoy two completely different baths.

Even babies can enter the hot spring, which is gentle to the skin

Our hot spring water is mildly alkaline and very gentle to the skin.
The water is so gentle that even infants can bathe in it, making it safe even for those with weak skin that can get burned by hot springs.
Here in Akayu Onsen, there is a custom of soaking newborn babies in the hot spring water.
Why not make your baby’s first visit to a hot spring a family affair at Akayu Onsen?

Baby cribs are available in the changing room of the “Ancient Hinoki Cypress Bath.
You can use the bath with your baby without any worries.